Hello, I'm DavidGoosen I am 21 years old and currently living in AnnArbor Michigan. I go to school at Eastern Michigan University (EMU) and am studying for a major in PR. Im into graphic design and advertising.
I am also a big fan of films and television.
I enjoy many things, most of them will show up on this blog.

I have a few other blogs, you can check them out here.
Comic Blog- SpeterSparker.tumblr.com
Art Blog- Gooselovesart.tumblr.com
Music Blog- who-sings-this.tumblr.com

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im just a human bean

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at Diplo’s show in Vegas - 09.26.2014

Art by Chris Skinner

By Stephane Dufour

alt cover for
childish gambino - stn mtn / kauai

Yes, it is the car of my dreams.

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Dead inside.